Berså Petite Earrings - Sägen

Sägen - Berså Petite Earrings available at American Swedish Institute.
Sägen - Berså Petite Earrings available at American Swedish Institute.

Berså Petite Earrings - Sägen

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Wear Swedish summer all year around and show off your values with these upcycled Berså Petite Earrings that features the iconic green Berså leaf.  These earrings are a timeless interpretation of the beauty of nature, combined with modern design.  Lush greenery that never fades.

The Berså Petite Earrings are made of recycled sterling silver and upcycled porcelain (from Swedish porcelain manufacturer Gustavsberg). Upcycling is fashion forward.  This classic leaf decor was designed in 1961 by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg and has since then become one of Sweden's most beloved patterns.

Porcelain and silver

Size porcelain: 11x10 mm

Care instructions: Silver becomes more beautiful the more you use it. It's durable and over time the surface acquires an elegant patinated finish. If you want to keep the high shine finish, you can clean and polish the silver with a silver-polish. Porcelain is a durable and tolerant material. It’s water-resistant and also subsists the silver-polish. Handle your Sägen jewelry with common sense like any of your favorite things.

Sägen is a high-end sustainable jewelry company with a story. New mother Elin Sigrén started making jewelry in the garage of her childhood home outside of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland. Now based in Malmö, Sägen's focus is on creating new designs from already existing materials to make a smaller impact on our planet as one of its core values. Every piece is handmade and set in recycled silver by highly skilled craftsmen.