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Karl Oskars, Kristina's and the others' journey continues. They arrive in New York but have to travel further overland to reach Minnesota, where they plan to live. That journey will not be easy either, both the river and the country road will take a long time. It is unbearably hot and dangerous diseases are spreading.

When they finally arrive, the place where a relative of someone in the party previously settled is not quite what they intended. Homes are primitive and it's getting late in the year. Karl Oskar and Kristina continue to struggle, to get a simple home, get food on the table and do everything they can for their children. And Karl Oskar's brother Robert is not happy he dreams of going away again, and finding gold in the new country.


Cecilia Davidsson has retold Vilhelm Moberg's classics in easy - to - read Swedish.

Immigrants is the second part of the series.
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