Cloud Forest Cardamom Seeds with Grinder Top

Burlap & Barrel Cloud Forest Cardamom Seeds with Grinder Top available at American Swedish Institute.

Cloud Forest Cardamom Seeds with Grinder Top

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Cardamom has been a popular spice in Sweden since medieval times, and of course is best known as that all-important flavor in Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Buns)!

Cloud Forest Cardamom is sweet and tart, reminiscent of summer fruits, fresh herbs and cut grass. It comes straight from a single-estate regenerative farm in the high-altitude cloud forests of Guatemala. The fruit turns yellow as it ripens on the vine and has a softer and sweeter flavor that makes it a perfect upgrade to standard green cardamom.

The cap on the top is adjustable for course or fine grinds.

The fragrant, crunchy seeds have been removed from the pods, and they’re ready to dot pastries and jams and add depth to your favorite chicken recipe and give your coffee a Middle Eastern twist.

2.4 oz

Burlap & Barrel is a renowned spice company who is building new international spice supply chains that are equitable, transparent and traceable.

Burlap & Barrel sources their spices directly from farmer cooperatives and small farms, bypassing brokers and middlemen who drive prices up and quality down. They visit farms and spend time with farmers, learning firsthand about the economic, social and cultural factors behind their farming methods, and supports them to improve the quality, quantity, and value of their products.

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