Karin's Frogs Needlework Kit


Karin's Frogs Needlework Kit

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Channel your inner Karin and creative self with this needlework kit.  When you show the completed piece off to friends and visitors you can talk about how inspired you were by the Karin Larsson exhibit at ASI!

The model for the pattern on the frog can be seen on the chair cushions that Karin wove in the tapestry technique for the chairs that today stand in the Old Room at the Carl Larsson farm. An imaginative and playful pattern where, in addition to the frog, you can see different animals such as a snake and a hare and, with the help of your imagination, spot other animals.

In Japan, the frog has become a symbol that things, or people return, to a place or to their origin and that it brings luck and happiness. The frog is also a symbol of spring and youth.  Frogs are often used in poetry and art, and travelers sometimes carry a frog amulet with them to ensure they return home safe and sound from their travels.

Japanese influences can be seen as a recurring element in several of Karin's textiles that she created for the home at Lilla Hyttnäs.

Contains: Description, green cloth, embroidery needle,
white yarn.