Suova Cutting Board - Stoorstålka

Stoorstålka Suova Cutting Board available at American Swedish Institute.

Suova Cutting Board - Stoorstålka

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This graphically designed Suova board has a dual function; it can be used for cutting, but also as a trivet for hot items.

A great addition to your decor that can also spark conversation ~ when someone asks about it, tell them about your experience seeing Arctic Highways at ASI and what you enjoyed and learned.  For the same reasons, makes a special gifting experience.

Laminated wood fiber

295 x 195 mm/11.6 inches x 7.7 inches
Thickness: 7 mm/.27 inches

Hand wash with detergent
Heat resistant up to 130°C

Stoorstålka is a Sami design company in Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland who creates beautiful, smart and practical products with inspiration from their Sami heritage.

Idja Lotta Stoor is a skilled sámi band weaver and handicrafts artist. Piera Niilá Stålka is also a weaver, and the constructor of the tools. They put their family names together and Stoor+Stålka became Stoorstålka in 2010.

A Sami design company in Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland