Åsas Tomtebod - Viktor Tomte (Red/White Knit Cap)

Viktor Tomte (Red/White Knit Cap) available at American Swedish Institute.
Åsa Götander, founder of Åsas Tomtebod whose Tomten are available at American Swedish Institute.

Åsas Tomtebod - Viktor Tomte (Red/White Knit Cap)

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Everyone needs a Tomte to watch over their home.  Tomtar are the Swedish equivalent of gnomes.   Originating in Nordic folklore, Tomtar were seen as protectors of farms, usually keeping busy with their watch at night. 

Viktor's knitted cap is the envy of the other Tomtar; he thinks it gives him special powers to do a good job with his night watch.  We are sure he does a great job without his special cap (but don't tell Viktor).


Handcrafted in Sweden

All natural materials ~ a sign of best quality: wooden hands, feet and heads, high quality felted wool from Gotlandic sheep, real leather, etc.
One-of-a-Kind: No two Tomtar are alike because natural materials have inherent variation, ensuring a unique one-of-a kind friend watching over you.

7 inches tall

Åsa Götander started at her kitchen sink, rubbing wool with water and soap at her small home in the woods of Småland, Sweden in the town of Örnahol. She says: "It all started with pitiful little, completely felted and frankly ugly elves. But they also sold, albeit to a modest extent - 50 pieces at a Christmas market in Gislaved." This was before there was what is known today as Åsas Tomtebod; of this time Asa says "it was just myself and my felted elves".

Today Åsas Tomtebod 'elves' travel all over the world and the business remains family run, still priding itself on quality and natural materials. Åsas Tomtebod has grown and expanded, but they are continue to be based in Örnahol, Sweden.

Tomtar from Småland