Svampe (Mushrooms) Boxed Cards

Svampe (Mushrooms) Boxed Cards available at American Swedish Institute.
Svampe (Mushrooms) Boxed Cards available at American Swedish Institute.

Svampe (Mushrooms) Boxed Cards

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The motifs on the cards:

  • Agaricus campestris - Field mushroom
  • Boletus edulis - King Bolete
  • Cantherellus cibarius - Chantharelle
  • Armillaria mellea - Honey fungus
  • Amanita muscaria - Fly Agaric
  • Macrolepiota procera - Parasol Mushroom
  • Boletus badius - Bay Bolete
  • Boletus luridiformis - Dotted Stem Bolete

The fine illustrations are designed by Peter Nielsen, author, artist, graphic designer and subject teacher at Design Seminar in Højer 1997-2002. He has had a studio at Ærø from 2003. His main emphasis is on visual and illustrative, which is seen in biological textbooks, instructional manuals and for decorations.

Set of 8 Cards with Envelopes.

Blank Inside.


About Koustrup:

Based in Denmark, Søren and Ulla Koustrup started the publishing house Koustrup & Co. to pass on knowledge about plants, animals, gastronomy and organic sustaining.  With backgrounds in biology and publishing and an interest in nature and environment it seemed obvious.  Sustainability and the environment is important to the family run business. 

With a great passion for beautiful and decorative illustrations and artwork, Danish designed Koustrup products are not just beautiful to look at but also provide knowledge about nature, garden, food, culture, history and animals.