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Winner of Book of the Year 2021!

At the age of nine, the reindeer herder's daughter Elsa witnesses how a man kills one of her reindeer. She is threatened with silence and becomes painfully aware that her origins arouse a glowing hatred.

"Theft" is a wild and beautiful yoke to reindeer herding life, but also an exciting novel about a rarely portrayed reality in the north. There, reindeer are hunted and brutally killed and the police do not investigate the crimes. Where tensions between Sami and other villagers poison generations.

The threat to Elsa changes her forever and over the years she carries with her a gentle reindeer as a constant reminder. The family and relatives are fighting for justice, but in silence a desperation is growing.

August-awarded Ann-Helén Laestadius' first novel for adults is based on real events. "Theft" is a warm but at the same time stinging depiction of a forgotten part of Sweden where people are pitted against each other.

Swedish language edition.

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