Snædís Icelandic Wool Socks

Snædís Icelandic Wool Socks available at American Swedish Institute.

Snædís Icelandic Wool Socks

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Stay Warm, and Nordic fashion forward, with these beautiful Snædís Icelandic wool socks.  These socks will never go out of style.

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One Size Fits Most

100% Icelandic Wool

Icewear is a leading Icelandic manufacturer and retailer of wool products. Icewear designs products to suit the unpredictable weather of the Icelandic climate and unique landscape, and believes that everyone should have a chance to enjoy the outdoors by being warm and well.

Icewear began small with a simple knitting factory in the Icelandic village of Hvammstangi. Knitwear is Icewear's foundation and they know their wool well, understanding its exceptional properties and how it performs – whether it’s out in nature or in the urban environment. Icewear works with the woolen fibre of Icelandic sheep when creating their acclaimed Icelandic wool collection. Hardy creatures whose existence in Iceland's harsh environment, has led to the remarkable composition of their wool. It is the perfect fibre - breathable, lightweight, water repellent and of course natural.