Snaps Mix - Oseberg

Oseberg Snaps Mix American Swedish Institute

Snaps Mix - Oseberg

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'Travel' to Norway with the Oseberg Snaps Mix.  This Snaps Mix is named after the Oseberg, preserved Viking Ship discovered in 1904 in a burial mound at the Oseberg farm in Norway.

'Spice' up your Midsommar, kräftskiva, Jul, or any other day of the year, and impress your guests ~ by making your very own snaps!  Simply add this spice mix to your vodka of choice and follow the directions printed on the bottle, let the mixture sit for 24 hours, and you have made your own snaps!

This Snaps Mix also makes a great host gift.  [Suggestion:  Pair this snaps mix with our Snaps Glasses, and include one of our great blank cards and add the words to the traditional Swedish drinking song ‘Helan går’.  Everyone will have fun singing in Swedish and celebrating with your clever and thoughtful gift]. 


Ingredients: orange peel, coriander, dill seeds, demerara sugar cube.

Makes 37cl