Ørskov Salad Set

Ørskov Salad Set available at American Swedish Institute.

Ørskov Salad Set

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Ready for a Swedish Sommar Fest (Summer Party)?  We've got an idea for you...

Purchase this beautiful Ørskov Salad Set, take Magnus Nilsson's The Nordic Cookbook out of your weight lifting pile (or purchase one from us) and open it to page 118, whip up a batch of 'Creamed Potatoes with Dill', invite your friends over, serve.  Not only will they be impressed with your Fest, when you serve them with this elegant salad set it will leave a lasting impression of how effortlessly stylish you are.

Danish Design is about bringing quality, functionality, and minimalistic elegance into your everyday.  Nordic Design as a larger concept is influenced by practicality, nature, and creating warmth and light in interiors during the long winter months.  All of this sensibility is embodied in this Ørskov Lava Collection Salad Set. 


Stainless Steel.

Dishwasher safe.

Ørskov of Copenhagen was founded in 1953, concurrently with the introduction of 'Scandinavian Design' to the United States after World War II.
Ørskov has always been intent on designing simple, functional, well designed, good quality, affordable products for the home and making homes and spaces beautiful, inspirational, and full of possibilities.