Rotary Chime (änglaspel) - Tomtar

Rotary Chime (änglaspel) - Tomtar available at American Swedish Institute.

Rotary Chime (änglaspel) - Tomtar

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Tomtar are the Swedish equivalent of gnomes.   Originating in Nordic folklore, Tomtar were seen as protectors of farms, usually keeping busy with their watch at night. 

This fun Tomtar Rotary Chime (änglaspel) will brighten up anyone's space and create a sense of mysigt (loosely translated that means 'cosy').  A great way to keep the love of cycling going through the cold winter months!  The Tomtar rotate from the heat of the candle when it is lit and the light from the candle dances beautifully off of the Tomtar.


Tealight included in the package


Height: 16 cm/6.5 inches