Orden som formade Sverige

Orden som formade Sverige available at American Swedish Institute.

Orden som formade Sverige

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It is usually said that "land must be built by law". But perhaps one could just as easily say that land should be built with words? It is through quotes, traditions, buzzwords and song titles that we form a picture of our context, our heritage, our nation. But times change, languages ​​change, new words are created, others are lost.

In this book, Elisabeth Åsbrink takes a research trip through Swedish history and sayings, from the (royal) Swedish jealousy to #metoo, to find out how the words shaped Swedish values ​​and how we dress these values ​​in words.

There is not much that is self-written with the words that we perceive as the foundation stones of our nation-building. On the other hand, it is possible to find something that is typically Swedish in somewhat unexpected places, that is, a relatively early attention to women's and children's rights in Det går an and Barnets åsundrade .

But how Swedish is ice hockey really? And can you really say anything "in this country"?

The words that shaped Sweden is a personal, funny and sometimes provocative reading of Swedishness, a necessary complication of a concept of nationality that has become quite simple in some places.

Swedish Language

Elisabeth Åsbrink, born 1965, is one of Sweden’s most prominent nonfiction writers. She has written several praised books on historic and current topics, and has reached a widespread audience.

Ms. Åsbrink has written in depth on different forms of persecution, not in the least in her own family. Her father is a Holocaust survivor from Hungary, and her maternal grandfather was an immigrant to the UK from Thessaloniki in Greece, (whose Jewish population was almost totally wiped out during WW2).