Nisser Boxed Holiday Cards

Nisser Boxed Holiday Cards available at American Swedish Institute.
Nisser Boxed Holiday Cards available at American Swedish Institute.

Nisser Boxed Holiday Cards

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Motifs on the cards:

  • Set gnomes - they bring the disorder into the order of the letters. Their worst enemy is the review gnomes, which, however, are extremely rare.
  • Farm gnomes - live their lives in the countryside. The noses live on ceilings and under roofs and are only afraid of one thing: cats!
  • Forest gnomes - they live in the forest floor and are reminiscent of farm niches, but take life very relaxing.
  • Church gnomes - they are diligent, but a little shy and you almost never see them.
  • Christmas gnomes - they are Santa's helpers and hold Christmas all the way to March. They get gifts and eat rice pudding every night.
  • Winter gnomes - they provide seeds and food for the birds and thrive well in the cold.
  • Tease gnomes - they tease each other, animals and people.
  • Ship gnomes - They are friendly and helpful, but have the urge to tease.

The cards are made from environmentally certified FSC paper.
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.

Set of 8 cards with envelopes


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