Mini Mushrooms (set of 5) - Én Gry & Sif

Mini Mushrooms (set) -  Én Gry & Sif available at American Swedish Institute.

Mini Mushrooms (set of 5) - Én Gry & Sif

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Felt ornaments made by hand hold an extra special meaning, lasting for generations ~  whether they are used in your home, or you have gifted them to someone special.  We love bringing nature inside during the Jul Season to remind us of the importance of the world around us, and all it's creatures.  *And we love that these decorations support people working in handcraft.


Set of 5

100% Wool

2.3 inches tall/each

This unique felted product is designed in Denmark by Én Gry & Sif and 100% handmade in Nepal by very skilled Nepalese women. Én Gry & Sif is a Fair Trade Certified company.