Spruce - Lovi

Spruce (Dark Green) - Lovi available at American Swedish Institute.
Spruce (Bright Red) - Lovi available at American Swedish Institute.
Spruce (Dark Green) - Lovi available at American Swedish Institute.

Spruce - Lovi

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Bring the outside in with this Lovi Spruce Tree.  Place the spruce in a central location in your home and enjoy the atmosphere created by its natural materials and shapes. You can also put together a small forest with other Lovi spruces, and go one step further and create a scene by adding some of the wonderful Lovi characters we have for you!


All Lovi products are 100% produced in Finland from the highest quality birch plywood certified by PEFC International.

5.5" H X 3 1/8" D


About Lovi:

Looking for an alternative to plastic from which to design something for her Christmas tree, founder Anne Paso designed the first version of Lovi in 2001.  Today Lovi is a small family business making ecological and sustainable products in Northern Finland.  True to the inventiveness and sauna mindset of Finnish culture, the first Lovi products were finished on the sauna benches where Anne & Mikko Paso lived.

Ecological and functional production and materials are the basis of Lovi's operations at their small factory close to nature in Jääli, Finland.

True to Anne's original intent, Lovi remains committed to the ethos of using eco-friendly, no plastic materials, they say:

In Finnish forests, tree species thrive with each other. Birch and spruce are a good example of this. As the birch grows to its full size, there are already new spruce trees at its root at a good growth rate. In Finland, forests are always replanted after felling. Currently, northern forests are growing faster than they are used. Lovi products are made from eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood.

It is also important to be involved in solving the problem of plastic in the seas. We want to avoid unnecessary use of plastic. Since 2017, our consumer packaging has been plastic-free.

We donate part of our income to re-planting schemes in areas of the world affected by drought, erosion and floods. 115,000 trees planted since 2009!