Läkerol Salty Caramel

Läkerol Salty Caramel available at American Swedish Institute.

Läkerol Salty Caramel

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First sold in Sweden in 1909 and founded by Swede Adolf Ahlgren, Läkerol makes people talk!  Soothe your throat or freshen your breath with these Salty Caramel flavored chewy pastilles (lozenges). 

Popular with licorice lovers and used frequently to quell a sore throat.  Sugar-free and long lasting.  Add this item to your cart before checkout for a pleasant gift to yourself, and add a few for friends and neighbors to enjoy as well!

Sweeteners (maltitols, sorbitols, steviol glycosides), stabilizer (gum arabic), ammonium chloride (= ammonia), licorice extract, salt, elderberry extract, flavorings, vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), surface treatment agent (carnauba wax / wax).

Läkerol was founded by Swede Adolf Ahlgren in 1909.