Kallbaderskan bland fjällen

Kallbaderskan bland fjällen available at American Swedish Institute.

Kallbaderskan bland fjällen

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Warm and emotional feelgood about cold baths, waffles and sadness in the mountain world.

When Helena prepares her husband Martin's birthday dinner, she learns that he has betrayed and deceived her for a long time. The world collapses and Helena flees the city for Härjedalen's mountains, where she is allowed to borrow a small red log cabin from the headstrong, retired teacher Sonja.

In the solitude of the cabin, life at first becomes even darker, despite the bright summer nights. One day she finally manages to go hiking, and then she meets the young and vibrant Louise, who runs a waffle factory on the mountain. They quickly become friends, and Louise manages to persuade Helena to take a cold bath in mountain lakes and slowly find new joy in life.

Helena starts working in the waffle house, and is enjoying herself unexpectedly. All her life she has dreamed of working with food, and hope is starting to sprout in her again. But Helena carries a darkness from her childhood, which she must overcome in order to become whole.

The cold bather among the mountains is a gripping feel-good novel about sadness, cold baths and new opportunities, all embedded in a magnificent mountain environment. Don't miss this gem, which is the first part in a series about life around a waffle factory in Tänndalen.

Karin Härjegård is based in Jämtland, an alpine region on the border with Norway, where she lives with her husband, teenage daughter and dog. Here she works as a mountain priest. She has previously published several historical novels before turning her attention to feelgood.

In 2018, Härjegård was awarded Länstidningen’s cultural prize, and in 2022 she was awarded Feelgood Novel of the Year, for A Waffle Hut with a View.