Heart - Lovi

Heart (Bright Red, Large) - Lovi available at American Swedish Institute.
Heart - Lovi
Heart (Bright Red, Large) - Lovi available at American Swedish Institute.
Heart (Bright Red, Large) - Lovi available at American Swedish Institute.
Heart - Lovi

Heart - Lovi

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The heart as a symbol of love and care is thousands of years old. The source of life and the abode of life force. Its shape reflects warm feelings, affection, and mutual understanding. The message of the heart symbol is the same almost everywhere in the world: “I love you. You are important to me.” As early as the 1910s, hearts were drawn on Valentine ‘s Day cards.

Send a greeting to those who matter the most, anytime of the year!

Lovi products are designed and manufactured with pride in Finland, to bring a small piece of nature into homes, offices, and public spaces. Lovi figures bring naturalness and joy to the whole world, even the smallest details matter!

Ecological and functional production and materials are the basis of Lovi's operations at their small factory close to nature in Jääli, Finland, where Lovi remains committed to the ethos of using eco-friendly, no plastic materials.

Finnish Birch Plywood

All Lovi products are 100% produced in Finland from the highest quality birch plywood certified by PEFC International. Trees felled from Finnish forests are always replaced by new trees.

Lovi products come either with natural wood finish or painted by hands. The paints used are non-toxic, water based toy paints.

Plastic-free consumer packaging: Lovi minimizes the use of plastic in production. In 2017, Lovi introduced plastic-free consumer packaging. The packaging material is Finnish cardboard (manufactured in Finland).

'Waste': Materials left over from production, such as cardboard, plastics, papers and metals, are recycled carefully. The wood material is delivered for energy production. The remaining waste is treated in accordance with the principles of carbon-neutral waste management. The resulting carbon footprint is measured, and the measured emissions are offset through Gold Standard certified afforestation projects. Thus, the amount of carbon corresponding to Lovi's emissions is sequestered from the atmosphere into forests. Gold Standard certified afforestation projects also contribute to other sustainable development goals by supporting local employment and strengthening biodiversity.

Electricity: 100% of the electricity used in Lovi's production and office is generated from renewable sources, such as wind, water and solar energy produced in the Nordic countries. It has been verified in accordance with the European Guarantee of Orgin scheme.

2 3/4 x 3 x 1 7/8 inches (H x W x D)

Life in the north, surrounded by beautiful nature, nurtures creativity and brings its own spice into the design. Nature, natural material, and its endless possibilities can be seen and felt in Lovi products.

Looking for an alternative to plastic from which to design something for her Christmas tree, founder Anne Paso designed the first version of Lovi in 2001. Today Lovi is a small family business making ecological and sustainable products in Northern Finland. True to the inventiveness and sauna mindset of Finnish culture, the first Lovi products were finished on the sauna benches where Anne & Mikko Paso lived.

Design from Finland