Dala Horse God Jul Card

Dala Horse God Jul Greeting Card American Swedish Institute

Dala Horse God Jul Card

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Say God Jul (Merry Christmas in Swedish) with the iconic Dala Horse ('Dalahäst' in Swedish), one of the best known symbols of Sweden.  Decorating homes year round, the Dala Horse is particularly used during the holiday season enhancing mantlepieces, windows, and even used as decorations on Christmas Trees.

This Dala Horse card represents the Christmas Season and also Sweden, Vietnam, Minnesota, and nature all at the same time!  These handcrafted cards are designed in Minnesota by Anh Nguyen, and then handcrafted in her home country of Vietnam by artisans who use the Vietnamese technique of 'quilling' (rolling strips of paper and creating a design).

These beautiful cards showcase both Anh's Vietnamese heritage, and a love for the outdoors ~ what we call 'Friluftsliv' (the Nordic concept of open air living).

Send a greeting card with a Christmas gift or as a Christmas greeting that is a work of art worthy of framing!  

Blank inside.

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