Gården och brygghuset (The Farm and the brewhouse) Tray

Gården och brygghuset (The Farm and the brewhouse) Tray available at American Swedish Institute.

Gården och brygghuset (The Farm and the brewhouse) Tray

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Gården och brygghuset was painted by Carl Larssonn in 1897 and is in the collection of the National Museum in Stockholm Sweden.  Four-year-old Brita is out kicking on a classic Swedish kicksled. Behind, is the newly built brewhouse.  In the book Ett hem Carl Larsson says "In the new brewery house there are two small, pretty rooms with fireplaces. In the upper part - you can see it glimpsed between the frost-shimmering trees in the winter picture, where Brita is kicking - the maidens live both in summer and at Christmas time."

In 1896, Karin mentions in a letter the new brewery that is being built. It was not a house for brewing beer, but the name came from the fact that the house was so close to the bridge, which at the time was right outside the front door. The house came to be used as a baker's hut and a laundry room. A guest room was built on top of the baker's hut, which was accessed via the external staircase.

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