Dishcloth - Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe)

Dishcloth - Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe) available at American Swedish Institute.

Dishcloth - Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe)

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Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe) is an ancient Icelandic magical symbol.  It is said to offer powerful protection against evil in general and the anger and abuse of power by chieftains in particular.  It is accompanied by the following introductory verse:  I cast out the hatred/Of my foes/And rich men's fury/Likewise goes.

The perfect item to keep in your kitchen!  And equally great as a gift.

Also, these dishcloths are a great way to do one thing to help out the environment (every thing you can do counts, big or small). On that note...

Key attributes:

  • Super absorbent (15 times their weight in liquid).
  • Reusable.
  • Washable.  (In your washing machine or dishwasher).
  • Sanitary (quick drying makes them a better choice than moist sponges which leads to bacteria growth).
  • Waste Reduction:  Reduces waste created from paper towels [according to the EPA:  Tissue paper and towels (not including bathroom tissue) amounted to 3.8 million tons of waste in 2018]. 
  • Compostable/Biodegradable.  Nothing lasts forever (at least that should be the goal), and neither do Swedish Dishcloths. Simply add them to your compost when they have completed their use cycle.
  • All Natural.  70% cellulose/30% cotton.
  • Worth the price!  Great cost-per-use ratio.

Be part of the solution, not the problem, with these super absorbent and environmentally friendly dishcloths


Designed in Iceland by Hugrún Ívarsdóttir.


About Islensk:

Islensk is located in Akureyri, Iceland.  The main designer and creator is Hugrún Ívarsdóttir who is from Akureyri and was educated in exhibition design at Dupont Danmarks Dekoratørfagskole in Copenhagen.