Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise by Rosa Liksom available at American Swedish Institute.

Dark Paradise

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A man murders a grocer over fifteen cents--but in the sharp, icy prose and detached tone that defines this collection, his crime seems neither sensational nor entirely reprehensible. Rosa Liksom populates a world of snow-covered landscapes, antiseptic apartments, fish factories, and lumber camps with the obsessive, the violent, and the unhinged. A woman refuses to leave prison until she has served her entire sentence. A man obsessively cleans his apartment as his life moves on around him. A woman kills her new husband over his neediness and inability to leave their bed.


Rosa Liksom was born in Lapland, Finland, In the very far North, in the Meän language area. Her parents were farmers and reindeer breeders. At the age of 17 she moved to Helsinki and studied anthropology in the university. She lived in Kristiania, Copenhagen for four years and spent many summers in Paris. She also lived in Northern Norway
and spent the Breznev era in Moscow. She wrote the first three of her books in Kristiania. She moved back to Helsinki, Finland in 1987.