Cooee Gry Vase

Cooee Gry Vase available at American Swedish Institute.
Cooee Gry Vase available at American Swedish Institute.
Cooee Gry Vase available at American Swedish Institute.
Five Seven founder, designer and architect Tim Torp Hansen for Cooee..

Cooee Gry Vase

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The Gry series is made of mouth blown glass which makes each piece unique.

The Gry vases are elegant sculptures that elevate the flowers and water placed inside and play with the daylight in their structured surface and color.  The inspiration for the shape comes from the trunk of trees. Starting from the ground you can see the beginning of the roots before turning more round in shape further up. Gry, meaning dawn in Danish, has different word associations, as it is also a play on the word “gro” which means “to grow”. 


11.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches (height x length x width)

Cooee remains loyal to its roots in Småland, Sweden. This is where the inspiration and journey started and continues to run as a successful family business.

Founders Catrine Åberg & Henrik Åberg, are the third generation in the family and are committed to the founding principle of well designed products. They have developed the concept further working together with several successful Scandinavian designers.

Cooee is frequently featured in high design and furniture publications of Europe and is one of the leading, and most well recognized brands in home interior and accessories categories across Scandinavia, and beyond.

Designed by Tim Torp Hansen, Five Seven.

Five Seven is a Copenhagen–based studio with an experimental approach to contemporary furniture and product design. Founded in 2020 by designer and architect Tim Torp Hansen. Five Seven fabricates its own objects, does collaborations, along with doing design-work for established companies.

Nordic Minimalism ~ Spiced Up!