Kosta Boda Brick Votive

Kosta Boda Brick Votive
Kosta Boda Blue Brick Votive available at American Swedish Institute.
Kosta Boda Brick Votive
Kosta Boda Blue Brick Votive available at American Swedish Institute.

Kosta Boda Brick Votive

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The Brick votive from Kosta Boda has a square shape inspired by something so simple: a brick. Its style, which is created through the separation of color in the votive holder, gives each Brick a unique look. Design by Anna Ehrner.

Crystal glass

3 x 3.375 inches (height x width)

The glassworks in Kosta was founded in 1742. The name was created from the surnames of the founders, Generals Koskull and Staël von Holstein. Kosta’s location, in the heart of the dense forests in the Swedish province of Småland, was chosen so that the glassworks could provide both Stockholm and Karlskrona with glass. Important roads crossed here, and there was also an unlimited supply of wood to heat the furnaces.

Today’s Kosta Boda was formed through a merger of the glassworks in the communities of Kosta, Boda and Åfors. The group was initially called AB Åforsgruppen and included Johansfors Glassworks at that time. The company name was changed to Kosta Boda AB in 1976, and the company has been part of Orrefors Kosta Boda AB since 1989.

Manufacturing now takes place at the principal glassworks in Kosta and at Åfors Glassworks.

"For me, creativity takes place in the blowing room. This is where glass is conceived, where it is fashioned and comes alive. I want to work with glass, not against it. In my designs, I try to follow along with the melt, with the sheer power of the glass, although I try at the same time to identify the simple and the subtle." ~ Anna Ehrner

An experimental and minimalistic stylist, Anna Ehrners work is distinguished by simple yet powerful shapes and an ability to achieve colorful displays using color in subtle ways. Veils of color inside the glass have become something of Anna Ehrner’s trademark, as have the lofty different colored stalks that are characteristic of her art glass.

"Swedish glass will always be elegant, exciting, and of superb quality in both craft and design."