Swedish Knits

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Swedish Knits

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Everywhere you look, people are knitting. But why? While knitting has been around for centuries, this latest resurgence is less about the need to make and mend clothes and more about having an outlet for self-expression. Millions of people of all ages have realized that knitting is fun. It’s also a great way to pass time, a way to clear your head and keep your hands busy while you think deep thoughts, and it’s a great conversation starter.

Most of the time, your efforts result in something that is both functional and beautiful. For some, a knitting hobby develops into something meaningful—a way to reconnect with family members from different generations, a social activity (knitting circles are competing with book clubs all over the world), or even a source of revenue. The benefits and possibilities of knitting are infinite.

The Swedes have been avid knitters since the sixteenth century, creating richly textured garments that are both luxurious and practical. Here, two native Swedes offer their skills, patterns, and advice to a world of knitters hungry for new inspiration.


Pamela Hammerskog began knitting as a thirteen-year-old, when her home economics teacher told her that as long as you know how to knit and purl, you can knit just about anything. Paula tried it and has been knitting ever since. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Eva Wincent started knitting in earnest as an adult, when she answered an ad in the newspaper: "Seeking knitting partner for textile shop." She has now been running her own business, Wincent, for twenty years and is well known among knitters. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.